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The BGGC Legends Royale: Battle of The Bloth’ Tournament is organized and sponsored by Brown Girl Gamer Code . This women only tournament is designed to encourage and support more women to enter the esports scene of Apex Legends.


This tournament is PC Only and for players of Gold rank and below (You cannot have received a higher rank than Gold in the past 3 seasons.)



To officially register for the tournament, you must sign up through Each member of your team will need to register individually. We HIGHLY recommend that you all fill out your individual registration forms together as there is info you will need from each other

To register you will need to:

  1. Create an efuse account for yourself (With your Twitter, Discord, and Twitch account linked)

    • A copy of your driver's license or some for of ID

    • A photo of your Apex Legends (EA) account showing  rank and gamertag

    • Photographic proof of your last 3 seasons of ranked must be submitted for all team members  ; Season placements must not be more than ranked gold ( exception for higher rank placements before season 3)

  2. The final day to submit a registration form is April 7th at 11:59pm. 

  3. Registration forms must be filled out to completion. Any form that is missing required information will not be considered for acceptance. 

    • If an applicant encounters any issues with signups, please reach out to our team via the contact form on our FAQ page for help. We will do our best to get back to you ASAP.

  4. Individuals must register with a pre-made team and captains are responsible for making sure each member of their team has registered by the deadline.

  5. IF you're looking for a team, please click the button above to fill out the form for teammates and our admins will pair you with teammates!

  6. A spot in the tournament is NOT GUARANTEED. Some priority will be given to the following applicants, in no particular order:

    • Official Members of BGGC

    • First-time tournament participants

  7. Accepted applicants for the tournament will be notified of their acceptance by email specified in their form by Friday April 9thth. 

  8. Upon your acceptance, you must confirm your participation no later than Tuesday April 6th!.

    • Why the confirmation? If you are unable to attend, we want enough time to reach out to and confirm other potential participants. 

    • If you do not confirm your acceptance, you will be placed on the waitlist and another applicant will take your spot. 

    • Waitlist applicants offered a slot for the tournament must confirm no later than 48 hours of their decision to participate.

  9. Applicants not accepted in the first draft will be placed on the waitlist. If a team drops out, the next applicant on the waitlist will take their slot. 

    • Waitlist order will be determined by date of application submission and other determining factors. 

    • If you are on the waitlist and become notified that you have been offered a slot for the tournament, we will contact you with further instructions.

  10. Participants of the tournament will be sent a Discord link for the BGGC Apex Academy Tournament to their emails. You MUST join the Discord to participate in the tournament. 

    • If you do not have Discord or have issues using Discord, please reach out to  us here for help getting set-up or with troubleshooting. 

  11. Upon joining the Discord, you will be asked to read over the Tournament Rules in full and agree to the rules before being given full access to the channels. 

    • Failure to agree to the rules will result in no access to the channels needed for full tournament participation. 

  12. If there are any changes to the Rules, a notification will be sent out in Discord and an update will be made on the official BGGC Twitter page.

    • A full list of the rules can be found in the Tournament Discord channel and on our site. 

    • Rules will become locked and no further changes will be made on (4/6/21)

  13. Please take full advantage of the Discord. We encourage you to get to know your fellow competitors, team members, and Tournament organizers. This is your time to shine and have fun, so go all in! 

  14.  If you plan on live-streaming during the tournament, you must let the Tournament staff know the same day that Rules become locked (April 6th, 4/6/21)

    • A link to your stream must be provided by the date above to a member of tournament staff

    • We kindly ask, though this is not a requirement, that you use the following social tag in the title of your stream: (#BGGCLegendsRoyale)

  15. Upon notification that you have been offered a slot for the tournament & upon your confirmation of participation, you are free to promote and share information about being a part of the tournament as you please

    • Please refrain from sharing other’s personal information or any other information that may be classified as private (such as Discord specific information, etc.)

  16. In the event we need to reschedule the tournament, we will contact all teams as soon as possible with a new date. Teams will be able to indicate if they still want to participate at the new date. If needed, we will reopen sign ups

  17. If you have further questions or need more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page . If more help is needed, please submit a contact form through our site for more assistance. 


1st, 2nd, and 3rd places winners will receive cash prizes, Apex Coins*, and Merch from the Apex Legends Shop!

1st Place winners will receive a special gift from Elgato!

All tournament participants will receive Apex Coins* and Merch from the Apex Legends Shop. 

Final prize information will be disclosed once all teams have been selected!


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