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Are YOU the next Champion? Come learn with us and find out!

Brown Girl Gamer Code is a Global Digital Community for Women of Color in the Gaming and Tech Industry! We are excited to partner with Respawn Entertainment and EA Games to bring you our very own Apex Academy where members of the community will be leading a three-part workshop to help learn the game, an all women's tournament, art contest, and more!


About The Academy

What We Hope For

Brought to you by Brown Girl Gamer Code, the Apex Academy is geared towards helping our community learn the basics of the game, tips and tricks, and explore playing ranked! 

While we are focusing more on teaching the basics of the game, the Apex Academy will have something new for everyone to learn! We are teaming up with Respawn Entertainment and EA Games to bring you a Three part Workshop taught by BGGC Apex Players, a Developer Panel, Tournament, and Art contest to immerse us into Apex Legends as a Community!


Our Goals

No Effort Too Small


We are raising funds for 1000 Dreams Fund, an organization that is dedicated to supporting women in streaming, esports, broadcasting and gaming! 


With the world of gaming now a billion dollar industry, it's important for women to have a seat at the table when it comes to being a developer and being a consumer.

And Fun!

We want to make sure that those who attend the Academy have the best time possible. And if we spark a new interest in Apex, then that's a bonus for us!